April Update

April Update_a0252768_17102331.jpgJohn, ChaCha, Toru, Masanao, Yoshino, Remi, Kyoko, Joanna, AiyannaApril Update_a0252768_1641358.jpg

This is the second building. We are still working on it.April Update_a0252768_16402168.jpgApril Update_a0252768_16373561.jpg
April Update_a0252768_16124486.jpg
April Update_a0252768_1643412.jpg
April Update_a0252768_14542318.jpg

This is our kitchen for cafe and guestApril Update_a0252768_1453245.jpgApril Update_a0252768_166841.jpgApril Update_a0252768_1633333.jpg
April Update_a0252768_14503918.jpgApril Update_a0252768_14471918.jpgApril Update_a0252768_14433627.jpg
April Update_a0252768_1762346.jpg

Thank you Nikola for staying with us! Have a good journey to the next place!April Update_a0252768_171199.jpg

Kawan, Hide, Nikola, Eugen, John, Aiyanna, Joanna, Ikuyo, Masanao, Toru, Remi, TakakoApril Update_a0252768_16525640.jpg

Masanao's 100% natural beewax candles. This one is for 600bhatApril Update_a0252768_1650095.jpgApril Update_a0252768_16491779.jpg

Kyoko from Kyoto!
by payakablog | 2012-04-29 16:23 | チェンマイ店 ~daily~

静岡県浜松市にあるPayaka (パヤカ) のライブ情報や新着商品などのニュースをお届けします。

by Payaka


チェンマイ店 ~info~
チェンマイ店 ~daily~



春の満月 草木染めSALE
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at 2023-08-30 16:20
at 2023-08-01 16:09
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