Payaka, Chiang Mai, April

Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14412078.jpg

Joanna and ToruPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1440976.jpg

If and Toru...Thank you If for all help! We enjoyed your music and conversation! Good luck back in Japan and making your CD!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_143910100.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14373424.jpg

JoannaPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1434429.jpg

Joanna and Takako fire dancing!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14324666.jpg


Joanna and TakakoPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14315195.jpg

Ryo, Japanese living in Dali, China...Very good at Thai massage!Thank you for coming to Payaka!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14222680.jpg

Maiko, thank you for your sweet energy here! We miss you! Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14183077.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1416348.jpg

This is where Pik and Stefan live in Doi Saket...They sell some nice products at Payaka and are making a shop at their house called "Magic Works"Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_14134422.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1412611.jpg

This is Payaka now...Many new products. Come check it out!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13545679.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1354339.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13535318.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13495454.jpg

This is one of our private rooms. Now still opening price! 350bhat a night for 1 person, 450bhat for 2 people. Also weekly, months rate!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13482455.jpg

This is the dormitory...Still opening price, 150bhat a night! Also weekly, monthly rate!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13282195.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13271174.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_132629100.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13254017.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13243060.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13214970.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13201131.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_13181423.jpg

This is the second building. We are going to make more bedrooms on the second floor for visitors!Payaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1311166.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_1383565.jpgPayaka, Chiang Mai, April_a0252768_12351726.jpg

Upstairs will be bedrooms
by payakablog | 2012-04-07 14:43 | チェンマイ店 ~daily~

静岡県浜松市にあるPayaka (パヤカ) のライブ情報や新着商品などのニュースをお届けします。

by Payaka


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